Sunday, February 20, 2011

In the very early 60's when Janet was a freshmen at Lancaster High School she asked her parents if she could go see a rock in roll concert.
Her father yelled at her that that was the "devils music"! He said, "you need to quit listing to that rock n roll crap". "You need to come with us to church on Sunday to listen to some real music", but she exclaimed that "church music is for squares, i wanna see rock roll". And ain't that a shame, because Janet ended up going to a Pat Boone concert.
While her parents went to see the legendary Rev. Julius Cheeks and wife Marge Cheeks. Aint that a shame that this church music blew her wussy so called rock roll music out of the waters! As a matter a fact, it was far more rock n roll than many of the rock artists of her day. It would inspire many rocking artists like Wilson Picket and James Brown

Which would you rather see?