Wednesday, January 6, 2010

"Rodrigo D. No Futuro"

So being that my mother is Colombian.I was always in search of the punk culture there,and i found it when i visited in the 90's.Anyways somebody from maximum rock n roll turned me on to this movie and i recommend you watch the whole thing if you get a chance.It is a window in to the grim realty of life for kids in 1980's MedellĂ­n. The movie like some other Colombian films i.e "Maria full of grace" is slow but that doesn't bother me so much cause thats how life can sometimes be.Capturing boredom on film is realistic.Oh yeah all the and bands in the film are real groups of the day almost making this like a semi-documentary.they had a bunch of shows on rooftops in the city.The "slam dancing" in the second clip seems kind of whimpy but there is plenty of violence to be found otherwhere.