Thursday, August 7, 2008

Update from Casino Locker Room

Hi guys. Blogs not dead. Trying to get the energy to add some stuff and have some great ideas of things to post soon and some interesting projects in mind that you can all be involved with. Sorry for the big drop off. I was at Target with my mom the other day and she was like "Why aren't you posting on your blog anymore? It's a great way for me to keep up with what your doing while you're away.." which made me feel bad. I just haven't had enough time to record extra material to post and i don't want to post just anything - i make an effort to put up stuff i'm proud of.

On that note, I don't appreciate the people who feel it neccesary to comment so harshly on my friends, No Age and Calvin Johnson. I have considered removing the comments sections on this blog all together for this reason, but have come to the conclusion that its never a good idea to censor anybody. Just understand that if you ask me a question in the comments section and I don't answer it, its not because i'm ignoring you its because i try to avoid reading anonymous jerks complain about shit and disrespect my friends. I like the single i did with Calvin, it is what it was... a cool way to spend a few hours in Olympia. I'm not trying to rip anyone off. If you don't like it put it on ebay in five months.

The Nine Inch Nails shows are a blast. Everyone is extremely easy to get along with and really good at their jobs. Its really amazing to watch how much effort and energy goes into putting on these huge arena shows. The lights are FANTASTIC as is the sound. It's a really intense thing to experience. I am really honored for Deerhunter to have been asked along.

There is a new Atlas Sound album almost completely finished. It is called "Logos" and will be realeased sometime in the new year.

Expect some suprises with the physical release of Microcastle.

Finally, to the person who wrote and was disappointed and felt "short-changed" at the norfolk show, I apologize. We put every bit of our energy when we are on stage into performing as well as we can. We really do care about every song enough so that when i'm playing them i don't think about anything but the sound coming of the stage. I'm sincerely sorry you had a bad experience. I hope I can make it up to you in the future...

Here is a picture my mom wanted me to post. It is she and i with my first guitar when i was 10 or so. This guitar was later smashed by a neighborhood bully under the influence of huffing glade and watching a Danzig Video.


For now, If you'd like to do a Q&A post please post questions in the comments section for ANY bandmember. We will try and answer them today or tomorrow. Try and keep them organized and somewhat tasteful.