Tuesday, March 18, 2008

White Rainbow meets Pauly Shore in Chinatown

White Rainbow Adam Forkner Pauly Shore Interview from analogmonkey.tv on Vimeo.

Atlas Sound Music Group perform Cold as Ice on Dirty Projector's borrowed equipment (ours was stuck in our broke-down van in Baltimore) Thanks, Dirty Projectors! This was shot in Philadelphia by Mark Schoneveld.

Atlas Sound from Mark Schoneveld on Vimeo.

Hey guys. Back from tour. Deerhunter are going to be in NYC all of April recording and mixing Microcastle with the amazing Nicolas Vernhes at his Rare Book Studios.

I plan on getting back into blog mode in the next couple of days.

That Raveonettes song "Expelled from Love" is my current obsession. How did I miss finding out about these guys for so long. They rule. Song is on an endless loop in my bedroom right now.