Monday, February 25, 2008

hey everybody! here is a tour update.

things are going really rad. we've had a few headaches to deal with. we are riding in deerhunter's virtually brand-new van which has never had any problems. suddenly it started stalling out. long story short we left it with wzt hearts jason and the rad people at a warehouse in baltimore and rented a van to do the philly and nyc shows here is a recap of what's been going on so far.

wednesday - chapel hill
rad place. rad soundguy. i thought he would hate me because last time i was there was the single worst deerhunter show we have ever played (i had the flu and lost my voice, josh's bass amp blew, etc.) everyone there was seriously nice and had a great since of humor about it. people seemed to really enjoy the show. i chewed gum and it made me feel sassy. we ate burritos with one of the drummers that played in rollins-era black flag.

thursday - washington d.c.
i love the blackcat backstage. i love the ladies who run it. i liked the kids i got to talk to before and after the show a lot to. there was a deep/serious ice storm threat so it was nice for so many kids to make the effort to come out. we decided to drive to baltimore so we could stay with our friend jason from wzt hearts who lives in a rad warehouse where other members of ecstatic sunshine and other rad bands live. wham city (dan deacon's komedy kult) were rehearsing some kind of avant garde theatre adaptation of "jurassic park" downstairs, so there was constant bizarre screaming. i also awoke to find two kittens wrestling on my chest. the kittens were ultra rad. it was a nice place to get to and chill while we dealt with the van situation.

friday - phillidelphia
kristin and the gang were in full force dealing with the van situation, arranging rentals, organizing gear etc. they like to keep me out of the way, so i sat around listening to kanye west and playing with kittens. we ended up showing up at johnny brenda's in philly HOURS late. dave and amber from dirty projectors loaned us amps and Adam and Honey's rad friends found us a punk rock bass rig and H.C. Basement-style drums. (H.C. = hardcore). the show was really funny and we had a great time. philly rules.

saturday - manhattan

we drove back to baltimore to rent a bigger van so we would not have to backline (borrow gear) for the nyc shows. it took forever and again we showed up really late to the venue. our good friend matt littlejohn (king of soundmen) did sound for us at our two nyc shows. (he is incredible, he's worked with Grizzly Bear, TVOTR, among many others.) the show itself was a little less funny and enjoyable, mainly for me, due to a headcold that came on pretty strong and made me feel supershitty. john norris came from MTV news. he is fucking rad. really awesome guy. got to see lots of old friends and make some new ones. i had my jewish godmother in LA (judy, queen of pr) priceline me a fucking boss 4-star hotel room for CHEAP so that i could soak the fluish grossness out of my bones and sleep soundly. I highly recommend the Barclay on east 48th street in manhattan. priceline is welfare for touring tired punks. i am now addicted.

sunday - brooklyn

this show fucking ruled. good times. i started the day by having kristin meet me at the hotel so we could go to mtv studios to film a news segment with John Norris and CJ, who are super nice and rad and sincere dudes. It was such a trip to be in that building. its in times square and and everyone stands around it with fancy cameras waiting for amy winehouse or somebody to come walking out. the news segment was fun, despite the fact that i was super tired. i tried to do a cover of kanye west's flashing lights to show how i make songs really fast for the blog, but that song is so fucking tight that i don't think i came close to doing it justice. anyway, there was no pressure and all the dudes there were really cool so it was a lot of fun. i went to uniqlo afterwards and dug it as usual. ran into kristin, jane, and julie (all three members of the alphabets in one old volvo) which ruled cause i didn't have to take a train into brooklyn. the williamsburg show was totally fun and i think everyone there had a pretty cool time. i'm trying to make some new songs to put up. i want to make an entire van ep like the one i did in europe last year. expect new stuff in the next day or two.