Monday, February 18, 2008

First Atlas Sound Show

I was super nervous and had about five panic attacks till the family told me to fucking chill. never had stage fright before in my life. its complicated to translate a record you made kind of on the fly while in an mentally agitated state into a feasible structured live performance. honey, adam, and brian all arrived friday night from portland and l.a. so this was kind of a warm up / practice show. we were all kind of winging it. the set will probably be much different and more expanded by the time we hit a town near you. my mom came and brought me a flower from my aunt's yard. (the first sign of spring, she explained.)
Our friends Mike White and Sloan Simpson where there and made photos and an audio recording, respectively. Our buddy Lynn also came by as well as my cousin Kelly. My mom can be clearly heard as the loudest most supportive audience member. Also it should be noted that when I am nervous (especially when i get around my folks) I tend to develop an extremely weird gay / southern drawl that embarrasses me somewhat.
With that said... here are some pictures:

White Rainbow:


See the rest of the pictures from the night at Mike's rad photo website, Deadly Designs.

Check out Sloan's audio recording at his equally rad audio website, Southern Shelter.

Kristin's oral review of the show, delivered to me afterwards:
"It was pretty good I guess, even if 90% of it was stand-up comedy..."