Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Spring Hall Convert 4-Track Demos

I was reorganizing one of my external hard drives out of boredom and i found an assload of 4-track demos from back in the day. i'll start with two snippets of tape that, when edited and combined became "Spring Hall Convert"...

Atlas Sound - Spring Hall Sketch (October 1998).mp3

You are not misreading that. OCTOBER 1998. This song is old as fuck. This was recorded on a fucking Karaoke Machine when I was a junior in high school. I used to make all these song fragments and make tape collages. the phased drums at the beginning are an example of my stonedness. I remember vaguely the recording of this one dark cloudy afternoon after walking home from the bus stop. Hydrocodone was a factor at the time. This is basically the first half of the song. The lyrics remain unchanged on the Cryptograms version.

Atlas Sound - Oh Drama (Spring Hall Outro May 1999)

This is a goofy song that comes off a tape of songs I recorded spring break of the same year of high school. All the songs on this tape are similarly cute and not-serious. I think I was trying to write pixies-style songs at the time. I do remember distinctly how this tape was recorded. 4-track with 2 tracks of drums and vocals (one radioshack mic that was incredibly good at picking up both the bass drum and snare / hihats at the same time) were recorded first. then i laid down acoustic rhythm guitar with more vocals and finally on the last track lead acoustic guitar and yes more vocals. I will probably organize and master the rest of the tape one night when i'm bored and stick it up here. i would be embarrassed about some of the lyrics and vocals but why bother? i was fucking 17 or something. all my classmates were listening to dave matthew's band. to me, eno was god, malkmus was christ and kim deal the virgin mary. kevin sheilds might have been the holy spirit but i can't remember. or maybe a one of the three wise men. or a lamb or something.

Anyway, the last part of this song we took and slapped on the end of the first sketch and there you have it. Spring Hall Convert.
Up next will be some demos from Fluorescent Grey and the Atlas Sound record (there aren't many, but recent bedroom dates back to 2004 and there are three versions...)