Thursday, January 10, 2008

Meet the Atlas Sound Music Group

All Photos By Tim Schaar

"Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to introduce to you tonight, the Atlas Sound Music Group...."

(L-R: Brian Foote, Stephanie Macksey, Honey Owens, Adam Forkner. On top: B. Cox)


You know me already. I might play some drums with Valet too.


Brian has a group called Nudge which is also on Kranky. Brian also taught me a lot about how to record stuff. He designed my set-up. He is a serious bro. He's also playing with Valet on this tour.


Adam has been involved in TONS of shit. His most recent project is White Rainbow, who will be playing on this tour as well. He has also been involved with too many bands to list. He is a TEAM PLAYER and enjoys FUN TIMES. Read more about him on Wikipedia!


Stephanie is the sweetest. I've known her for a while but her induction into the Atlas Music Hippie Cult was the result of serendipity. I had responded to this dude's post on craigslist about an old analog univox keyboard. I went to go see it and he had all these weird effects. I was like "wow, you have cool pedals and shit..." and he was like "oh.. they are all Stephanie's..." and I'm like "Woah, Stephanie plays music?" and he's like "Yes." so I ditched without buying the keyboard and walked next door to Stephanie's place and knocked on her door. I asked her why she was keeping her music a secret. Then I FORCED her to let me listen to some tapes she had made on a 4-track and was blown away. She is super talented and PROBABLY THE NICEST AND EASIEST GOING PERSON IN ATLANTA. I was stoked. So I kidnapped her and told her she had to learn the drums.


Honey is known for her work with Jackie-O Motherfucker, World, Co-owning the Yarnlazer label with Adam, and more recently recordings under the name Valet. Valet melts my mind. Go. Listen. Now. Valet will also be playing on this tour. It is going to be amazing.

Here is how we chill....

Perry Feral Solo Tour 2002:
All Ages shows are marked with an asterisk (*)

feb 19: ATLANTA, GA - Drunken Unicorn*
feb 20: CHAPEL HILL, NC - Local 506*
feb 21: WASHINGTON DC - Black Cat*
feb 22: PHILADELPHIA, PA - Johnny Brendas
feb 23: NEW YORK, NY - Mercury Lounge
feb 24: BROOKLYN, NY - Music Hall
feb 26: BOSTON, MA - Middle East
feb 27: MONTREAL, QC - Casa del Popolo
feb 28: TORONTO, ON - Horseshoe Tavern
feb 29: DETROIT, MI - Magic Stick
mar 1: CHICAGO, IL - Empty Bottle
mar 2: MINNEAPOLIS, MN - Triple Rock
mar 5: VANCOUVER, BC - Pat's Pub
mar 6: SEATTLE, WA - Crocodile
mar 7: PORTLAND, OR - Holocene
mar 8: SAN FRANCISCO, CA - Bottom of the Hill*
mar 11: LOS ANGELES, CA - Echo

We have some more stuff coming up. I'll keep you posted. I'm trying to do as many all ages shows as possible. If we are playing in your town and its not all ages we will try our best to do an in-store or something. Some of the shows are 18+. Also, sometimes you can get in if you are with an older guardian or something. Sorry to those of you who wrote me about this, I wish I could change it.

P.S. my mom got me the hat for christmas. it rocks. It's like wearing a small kitten on your head.