Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Adam Forkner presents us with a Portland Family Portrait in Sound

white fang - breakfast

from their newest album NATIVEZ, due out on marriage in 08. these recent high school graduates basically RULE the scene with positivity and FUN...WHITE FANG 2008!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jackie-o motherfucker - sing! (excerpt)

a killer track featuring eva inca ore on vox, and t greenwood, nick from tunnels and me on dueling overdubbed german guitarz...'you are a natural born music maker and the chief musicians of your life' fuckin'a...........from valley of the fire LP which came out on in 07

tom blood - lionel richie

from the book the sky position released by marriage records publishing house in 2007. the book won the Oregon Book Award for poetry. tom is the salty captain of the good ship Oak Street, where a lot of the marriage/yarnlazer family live in a big warehouse building.

rob walmart - lionel

Tom also rocks the mic in ROB WALMART, which is a thunderously crunk super-group of madness which has gone on, under the radar for more than a decade. this is the flagship band for our crew. most everyone in the marriage family has been involved, as well as other passers through. check http://marriagerecs.com/documents to feel Rob's dance powers. oh yeah, and Rob play shows from inside the van...

AJO (members of rob walmart)-

this is some adrian orange recorded at marriage in the last few months, i think its on the Adrian Orange and her Band Japanese version as a bonus track. taking it deeper, looser and more truthful. we ween'ed the fuck out of this one with lots of flange.

valet (mem of rob walmart)- this is some old school more electronic era Valet, which is Honey Owens (member of Jomf, rob walmart, nudge, atlas sound!)

dark yoga (mem of rob walmart) - snippet of live on the radio

dark yoga is a psychedelic jam collective with Honey and me and our friends brian, matt and dan. we play a couple times a year. we played this weekend at this awesome reggae raw food restaurant called Proper Eats. it was a tough jam.....100% fun.

Little Wings - Scuby

from the 2007 mellow candle SOFT POW'R........damn, kyle....just.......damn.....

American People - ???

American People were Jake and Dave Longstreth (dirty projectors) back when jake and i were at college and dave was still in high school. every winter break they would make a new tape for all the homies...totally loose jangly lo-fi 4 track pop and dave's ever expanding harmonic sense...ROOTS

Malibu Falcon - Baby, lets take LSD (excerpt) - from their second CDR

Malibu Flacon was a very obscure (like i think they made like 3 copies of this cdr) portland psychedelic basement collaboration between Eva Inca Ore and Nick Tunnels after their time together in the punk group Alarmist, before they went on to do their solo stuff and later joined JOMF, replacing me and honey last minute when we bailed on a tour...i think pete from yellow swans is going to re-issue a malibu falcon 'best-of' soon.

acre - excerpt of something.....

acre is drone artist aaron davis of portland oregon. he also plays in Gowns these days...yarnlazer put out a CDR for him called Candyflipping

tunnels - excerpt from a track off of the yarnlazer CDR COLOUR SEANCE

ROB Walmart - filthy from 'contains the hit waterskiing in canada' CDR on yarnlazer

ghosting - snippet from some mp3 i had

zach reno is our deep homie and makes music under the name Ghosting. he also jams out in Valet and with Adrian Orange and rob walmart and other stufff

thanksgiving (mem of rob walmart)- Welcome Home, Human

from s/t triple vinyl on marriage

Dirty Projectors - Grandfather's Jacket

from the states rights records CDR Morning Better Last, which compiled the best of this series of CDRs Dave was making back in the day...like 02 maybe? weird and twisted lo fi tape pop, early african rhythm experiments and other noises...

Nudge - rough mix of a song that ended up on Cached, released by kranky in around 05 or 06? brian foote and honey owens and paul dickow (who makes music as Strategy on Kranky)...sorry bri i cant remember the name of this song and honey's out of the house..let us know! i like this version, anyway, its a little more raw and rough.....nice

Thanksgiving - Home Alone Pt 1 and 2

from Welcome Nowhere LP put out by PW Elverum and Suns around 05 or 06? produced with Phil Elverum...shit is some pretty good fucking music......

white rainbow (mem of rob walmart)- last

this is a song that didn't make prism cause i already put this excerpt from the same ableton live computer jam session on it called Middle....sometimes i regret choosing middle over Last...anyway here is a part of it....

sorry i felt like i had to stop the mix before it got too long, but i totally forgot the be gulls and karl blau and jib kidder and lucky dragons and yacht and dash and all sorts of other goodies from tapes and cds and vinyl that we're in my immediate mp3 collection....maybe that will be pdx mix #2...that is if anyone gives a shit...

i put some heavy compression/auto make-up leveler on the entire mix tape to quickly even out the levels of all the songs...hope it doesnt sound too funky..........