Friday, December 7, 2007

Altas Sound Meets Pylon Uptown

Last Night I had the opportunity to speak with a band that was very influential on my early musical development. Pylon played their first live show at a party in March 1979. They were one of the founding bands in the Athens scene of the 80's that is so often discussed. Recently, the good people at DFA have reissued Pylon's seminal first LP, 'Gyrate' with the inclusion of their extremely powerful first single 'Cool b/w Dub.'

My Discussion with bassist Michael Lachowski and vocalist Vanessa Briscoe Hay confirmed what I had been assuming for years. These are authentic artists, humble, insightful, and creative enough to make the kind of music that formed my entire aesthetic taste at an early age. Through repetition, stream-of-consciousness vocals, and unrelenting pounding drums, as well as creative razor-sharp guitar, the band offered a form of art-school experimentation (not the trust fund variety) and throbbing minimalism.

When I had the opportunity a few years ago to attend a "secret" reunion show (originally intended to be a practice) I found myself in a room packed (seriously, packed) with people of all ages and backgrounds who felt lucky to be hearing this legendary band dust of their instruments and prove they can still create that sound and fury. I shit you not... I danced so hard that I walked outside immediately afterwards and puked on the sidewalk.

Here is an edited audio version of our conversation mixed with some of their classic recordings... enjoy:

Atlas Sound Interviews Pylon.mp3

For those of you who live in the Atlanta / Athens area, I urge you implicitly to make it out to the Fabulous 40 Watt Club tonight (Friday dec 7, 2007), as Pylon will be performing with Vannessa's new project Supercluster, which includes her daughter, Hannah, on cello. I will be posting more on Supercluster in the near future. This is a show not to be missed. If I wasn't here in Barcelona, I would be there dancing until I puke. New Sound of Numbers and DJ Hugo Burnham from Gang of Four also open the evening.

Official Pylon Site Maintained by the Band
Pylon on Myspace
A Very Informative and Extensive Fan Site

If I could urge all of our readers with (obviously) excellent music taste to purchase a copy of the Gyrate reissue from DFA and give it to someone special for Christmas, you will both be stoked. Completely stoked.