Friday, October 26, 2007

Audio Dispatches from Europe

We had a ten hour drive today, so I had a lot of free time in the van. Here are two micromixes and a new Atlas Sound EP....


Micromix 7:

1. Susumu Yokota - Daremoshiranai Chiisanakuni (From Image: 1983-1998)
2. Auetechre - Rettic AC (From Chiastic Slide)
3. My Bloody Valentine - All I Need (From "Isn't Anything")
4. Robert Fripp - Water Music II (From "Exposure")
5. Martha & The Vandellas - In My Lonely Room
6. Raymond Scott - Space Mystery Montage (From Manhattan Research Box Set)
7. Leonard Cohen - Seems So Long Ago, Nancy (From "Songs from a Room")
8. Nuno Cannavaro - Untitled (From "Plux Quba")
9. Mark Sultan - Unicorn Rainbow Odyssey (might be a demo?)
10. Hugh LeCaine - Paulution Charnel Number Five (From "Compositions and
Demonstrations" One time Lockett and I ate an eighth of mushrooms and decided to drive to find a church in Alabama that would heal us. As we were driving through the countryside at sunrise, this played on the weakening fm bands of our beloved WREK's overnight freeform programming and blew our minds. We were about 18)
11. Casino Versus Japan - Untitled (From a CD accompanying an issue of YETI magazine. The CD had bands paying tribute to Raymond Scott, This song will always remind me of driving around the suburbs where I grew up at night, delivering chinese food and longing for somebody. I think its a really sweet lullaby-like song)

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1. O.M.D. - Radio Prague (from "Dazzle Ships")
2. Nehamusasa Instrumental Excerpt II (From "Nonsuch Explorer Series")
3. Nobukazu Takemura - Wax and Wane (excerpt)
4. Brian Eno - Julie With... (from "Before and After Science")
5. Arthur Russell - Answers Me (from "World of Echo")
6. Teenage Filmstars - I Apologise
7. Human Hands - I Got Mad (from "Darker Scratcher" LAFMS Compilation LP, this band would later go on to form Wall of Voodoo)
8. Half Pint and the Fifths - Orphan Boy
9. Jad Fair - The Zombies of Mora Tau
10. Nikki Sudden - New York
11. Soft Boys - Insanely Jealous (From "Underwater Moonlight")
12. Stereolab - 10000 Miles an Hour (From "Aluminum Tunes")



Atlas Sound - Altitude Sickness

Recorded today during a 10 hour drive from Austria to Switzerland, through the Swiss Alps. These are reinterpretations of a few of my favorite doo-wop songs filtered through a thick gauze of motion-sickness and boredom...

1. come softly (originally performed by the Fleetwoods)
2. you're so fine (originally performed by the Falcons)
3. you belong to me (originally performed by the Duprees)

Download: Atlas Sound - Altitude Sickness