Sunday, September 2, 2007

My Sleepless Night in Baltimore

Ativan no longer aids in my sleeping process...

Dirty Projectors - Since I Opened.mp3
From Slave's Graves and Ballads


2. religion in the '60's

3. track homes. suburban architecture. the american design. a castle for each family which gradually decays. teenage boy's bedroom next to loud ac outside w/ boom box on window sill. smell of mildew and dead skin. panaflex.

4. vintage microphone pre-amps

5. the convenience of heterosexuality.

5.2 moth-eaten tolex on bass amp

6. twilight at carbon lake = coda for american song (with feeling)

7. smaller parts / more definition between parts / more hooks / less crawlspace / more focus on rooms / less expansive / more enclosed / ghost snares

8. less obvious focus on adolescence

9. entrance and exit of themes. subtitles.

10. possible clearance of slayer sample

11. possible clearance of betty harris sample


Can recorded "Monster Movie" in a german Castle....

from Stylus:

"The student said The Beatles were more radical than Stockhausen, the teacher laughed, they formed a band. They recruited the greatest drummer in the world (Jazz-trained—instilled with the motto “never repeat, never repeat” from the day he picked up sticks. And when given the freedom to play how he wanted? Decided to repeat forever.) and a giant black American singer, a sculptor evading the draft by travelling Europe. They recorded in a castle, strange nursery-rhyme inverting songs about getting high with Mary, about your father being unborn, weird, European psychedelic junctions. 20-minute jams about nothing in particular but keyed in to the rhythm of the universe. Oh yes. The singer couldn’t take the stress, or something, and left. The rest of Can spotted a Japanese man shouting at people in the street, and asked him to join their band. He did, and proceeded to sing in a made-up language for the next five years. (Later he would find religion, and become a Jehovah’s Witness, which is the mentalist inversion of Americans or Europeans “getting” Buddhism or Taoism.) "


Lockett as a child outside of "Castle Gates" with his brothers and father...