Monday, September 24, 2007

Jeff Weiss presents his Micromix

Greetings y'all, Jeff Weiss here. Before you start pelting your computer screens with rotten fruit, I'd like to offer up a Micromix that Bradford kindly invited me to compile. The collection of tracks focuses on perhaps my favorite period in music history, the period between '92 and '97 often referred to as hip-hop's second Golden Age. My other favorite period of course being the great boy band boom of the late 90s. LFO? O-Town? Those guys are fucking awesome.


1. UGK-"One Day" Riding a simmering Isley brothers sample, Bun B and Pimp C spit one of the most gorgeous meditations on death ever recorded. "(Little known fact about UGK: their name is derived from the Uggs boots that they used to gang-bang in. Coke-dealing rappers love furry boots. Just ask Cam'ron.)

2. Lords of the Underground-"Here Comes the Lords"-With Marley Marl-supplied horns muffled under six inches of filth, the title track from the 1992 debut of severely overlooked Newark rappers, The Lords of the Underground, re-interprets and updates Little Lord Fauntleroy for the late 20th century.

3. Soul Assassins (Rza & Gza)-"Third World" From DJ Mugg's 1997 Soul Assassins compilation, this songs distills the essence of what made the Wu so special. Gza calmly constructs battle raps about cutting people's heads off with swords. The Rza squawks stoned and paranoid about wiretaps while name-dropping George McFly, Danny Devito and Tito Jackson. The track also serves as Bono's un-official theme song when he's doing charity work in impoverished nations.

4. Souls of Mischief-"93 Till Infinity" The best track from the best album from the best rap groups the Bay ever produced. It also includes the line "dial up Bridget/her man's a midget." Really, it actually does.

5. The Roots ft. Q-Tip-"Ital (The Universal Side)" I felt this mix needed at least one track from both the Roots and Tribe Called Quest. This was the compromise, a stellar collaboration from my favorite Roots record, 1996's Illadelph Halflife. Which unintentionally got its name because ?uestlove is dyslexic and was trying to spell Philadelphia.

6. The Pharcyde-"Passin' Me By" This was slated to be the soundtrack to Home Alone IV: Passed Over Passover, where Kevin is accidentally left at a Passover Sedar. Sadly, the film was never released and the Pharcyde's career abruptly went down the tubes.

7. Masta Ace-"Born to Roll" Was a huge hit in 1993 among schoolteachers who used it to soundtrack fire drills.

8. The Luniz-"I Got 5 on It Remix"-For the remix to their lone smash hit, "I Got 5 On It," The Lunix enlisted Bay Area royalty like E-40, Spice 1, Shock G, Dru Down & Richie Rich to create the ideal soundtrack for every weed purchase from here to eternity. Though I have never understood why anyone would just buy a nickel sack.

9. Goodie Mobb-"Thought Process" If you really liked last year's Gnarls Barkley record you probably never heard Cee-Lo in his prime, when he served as the centerpiece of Goodie Mobb, whose 1995 debut ranks as one of the five finest records the dirty south ever produced. This song also features spectacular early verses from fellow Dungeon Family alumni, Big Boi and Andre of Outkast, before Andre was brain-washed into thinking that he was Prince.

10. Geto Boys-"My Mind's Playing Tricks On Me"- "I sit alone in my four corner room lightin' candles" -Scarface originally opened the song with "lighting incense" but thought that candles seemed a bit more "hard-core."

11. Domino-"Sweet Potato Pie" This song really isn't about Sweet Potato Pie. Though I would still probably like it if it were. Even Herman Goring liked sweet potato pie.

12. Positive K-"I Got a Man"-Positive K was far superior to The Circle K and Special K (both the cereal and the drug).

13. Black Sheep-"The Choice is Yours Revisited" Great song. Won Dres and Black Sheep many fans in the pro-choice movement.

14. Camp Lo-"Black Nostaljack"

Video explain good.

15. Das Efx-"We Want Efx" Grimey, dirty, manhole-rattling sewer funk from Newark's finest circa 1992. The group's name was taken from the German submarine flick, Das Boot.

16. Jeru the Damaja-"Me or the Papes" About Jeru's feelings of the papal schism of 1378. In addition to being "a damaja" Jeru strongly believed that the papacy should've be re-located to Avignon, France. He also loved Pope Urban, mistakenly believing that his name implied solidarity with big city living.

17. Organized Konfusion-"Numbers" I have this theory that musicians who name themselves Pharoah tend to be awesome. See Pharoahe Monch, Pharoah Sanders. Pharoah Ramses the Great. Etc. Etc.

Download The Passion of the Weiss Micromix