Thursday, September 27, 2007

Animal Collective

Photo by Reidmix found on flickr.

Despite feeling like I got hit by a truck and having an intense fever I went with Moses and Lockett to see Animal Collective tonight at the Variety Playhouse here in Atlanta.

I can honestly say that it was the best show I've ever seen, beating out previous holders of that title, Circle from Finland (note to Circle: get a lightshow) and not counting Liars who always put on the best show I've ever seen every time I see them so don't count.

I was reminded of how much I miss going to see shows and having it be an experience. My fever broke in the middle of their set and I was sweating hardcore. It was literally like a fever dream of the little mermaid skeleton on ice. I am in awe. I don't think anyone comes close to matching their originality at this point... they are, in my opinion, the most relevant band active right now.

I would describe parts of the show as what it would be like to see the Orb circa "Adventures Beyond Ultraworld" as a live band. Did I mention the lights? I'm not being sarcastic about the lights. They fucked my head. It. Was. Actually. Fun. And. Exciting. It's been a long time since I've gotten to enjoy a show like that. Another word that kept popping in my head during the set was "universal." I don't think anyone could not find something to enjoy about the music I heard tonight, and there was also enough experimentation (not wankery) that it remained challenging and engaging.

I was thinking tonight about how older friends of mine are always talking about what it was like seeing My Bloody Valentine or Nirvana, bands that defined their era. I have a feeling I'll be bragging to my nephew about seeing AC back in '07.

This might seem like a total asskissing post. Trust me, it was good enough that I don't even care. I saw Radiohead at Stone Mountain with Lockett right after highschool and they had lasers and shit but I got bored. Then this chick who was selling frozen lemonade got me stoned and I ended up getting lost in the parking lot... the point i'm making is that AC put on a bigger show in a much smaller venue with much less fuss. Organically. And I wasn't even stoned. I had a fever.