Wednesday, August 8, 2007

yo yo yo

sorry for no post yesterday. stopped taking all medication and now my face is numb and i bought all this hip-hop clothing...
so this very nice guy in california named raúl made a video for hazel street! here it is:

very nice. i like it a lot. let's applaud his work guys

chad radford's blog
has photos from the burn to shine dvd shoot we did with black lips, mastadon, selmainaires, coathangers, and a bunch of other atl folk. good ol calvin johnson or "c.j." or "cal-jo" as i like to call him even showed up and failed to go bowling with us later.


please help me.
electric shox. in my blood.


puppiespuppiespuppiespupp pupple scra! SCRA!

i don't know wht to do about all these links expiring because of bandwith or width or whatever. anyone have any ideas? i can tell you this much i hate rapidshare because they put all these limits on the downloader like you can only download so much in one hour or something and i was trying to download all these early hungarian electronic music lp's and it fucked me. FUCK THAT ShiT.

I suppose I should put a song up...
here is something me and lockett recorded outdoors after we soundchecked. it was at a college i can't remember where it was a really pretty evening. we just took his jaguar and my laptop and a microphone and played in the courtyard area and it was nice. you can hear the sound of evening college air on it. it was a sunday.

Bradford & Lockett - Quad

bonus feature. ask me any question in the comments section below this post and i will respond in the order they are asked. but the question has to be good and must be able to be answered in five words or less. you have until midnight tomorrow. i call this feature the "wednesday q&a" if possible number your question. like the first person will say 1. why do you think we want to ask you questions? and the second person will type "2. have you finally lost your shit? because this is getting rediculous." and then i will type "here are the answers to the questions: 1. so and so, i just want something to do with all of this useless time. 2. person's name: my kingdom is always decaying.

spread out