Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Yet another Atlas Sound tune... "Solar Ropes"

Here is a controversial image for you!


Here is another new song...
You probably think I'm crazy, but I just recorded it tonight. Why am I doing this, your probably wondering? I'll explain it this way. I can't jerk off anymore because I take lexapro and can't cum. I still get bored though. So instead of jerking off I record a song. I guess this means I would have jerked off three times today. Anyway these songs are nothing serious. Just goofing around in Ableton and stuff... Lockett's song today was really good though, I thought. I was like, "why did you give that one away... it's too good."

Solar Ropes

So long to the birds that fed of my flesh
for so long
So long to the christ that said my sin's my own
for so long
So long to the crows that fed off my flesh
for so long.
So long to the flesh that kept me a victim
to time.
So long.

Atlas Sound - Solar Ropes.mp3

here is the song "unrequited" i posted a while ago but only was able to stream 30 seconds of:

Deerhunter - Unrequited.mp3

I had to use fileden for this one because it is 11 megs. I just checked my bandwith with them and its almost used up so if anyone wants to host this mp3 as well as "stoned" and "white tea" that would be rad. Just put a link in the comments section.

Also: for those who didn't already know about it Sloan @ posted a bootleg of the Deerhunter whirlyball show.