Tuesday, August 21, 2007

More Scans from the Notown Archives

Cole from the Black Lips. This is from a series of photos I took for their second album on Bomp.

Cole performing at the Echo Lounge when that place was still around.

Cole faking a heroin problem.

Cole with Ted (owner of Full Moon Records) backstage at the Echo Lounge.

Jane and Julie of the Alphabets

Another photo from the Black Lips second album session. Features their ex-guitarist and all around respectable man's man: Jack Hines.

Alix Brown, Die Slaughterprincess. She was in the Lids and the Wet Dreams. Then she moved to Memphis and started a band called Angry Angles with her then boyfriend, Jay Reatard... the kazoo in between her dirty pillows is from when Kristin and I tried to orchestrate like 50 kids to play Eno's "Here Come the Warm Jets" on kazoos at a dance party at MJQ.

Jared and Joe when the Black Lips played a seafood joint in VA Beach. They were paid in shrimp.

Yet another photo from that same Black Lips photo shoot.

The Wet Dreams @ the Majestic.