Tuesday, August 21, 2007

More Music from the Notown Archive


1. Adorno (Notown Version)
2. Tree Spies


1. Carnival Ghost
2. Alphabet Song (Haircut Breakdown)
3. Ba Ba Ba Beach
4. Hot Boys on Dope

Our first release, (not counting cd-rs) from 2003. Split 7" with the Alphabets.
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Deerhunter/Alphabets Split

EP by Deerhunter/Alphabets
Released 2005 (ed. note: it took us two years to get our shit together)
Recorded by Bradford Cox at Notown Studio, 2003
Genre Indie rock (no way. punk rock)
Label Die Slaughterhaus Records

Alphabets Side
Deerhunter/Alphabets Split 7" was released in 2005 and only 300 vinyls were pressed, all copies are sold out. It featured now deceased Deerhunter bassist Justin Bosworth.


Bradford Cox - vocals / mark e. smith impression / guitar
Moses Archuleta - drums
Justin Bosworth - bass
Colin Mee - guitar


Kristen K. - drums
Jane M. - keyboard
Julie E. - guitar

and some other things:

Black Lips - Juvenile (live from a seafood place in va beach, see photo from last post)
Atlas Sound - Line Drawing (Home Recording from 1998, unbearable vocals)
Atlas Sound - Live @ Eyedrum October 23, 2005 (excerpt) - Taped off WREK 91.1 ATL

Old King Cole Younger (Cole Alexander from Black Lips) - Full Moon - from the split 10" Cole and I put out on Rob's House Records.