Thursday, August 9, 2007

More Covers? Also: a Live Video and an mp3 of Main Covering Wire

i am going to do an ep of covers for you guys tonight this weekend.
in the comments section below make requests. i'll pick as many as i can do at random and put it up tonight.
I can cum again so I need to knock out as many songs as possible for the blog before I start jerking off all the time.

hey guys there are some awesome ones to choose from. I had a lot of unexpected stuff to do tonight and we have a show at the EARL tomorrow, but I'm going to go back to Lockett's dad's house in the suburbs with him for the weekend cause he's housesitting and we should definitley do some of these cover songs there. I'd say everyone look at all the suggestions and come up with some set lists and we'll pick the best ones. also, i'm having a hard time finding some of the songs you guys mentioned... could someone upload psychic tv's love can only break your heart? that one sounded interesting.

LOCKETT'S COVER IS SO AMAZING. he is the best. I love him.

1. psychic tv - only love can break your heart
2. breeders - mad lucas (but both Lockett and I have really really been into the song "Hag" so we might do that one)
3. VU - heroin (i've done this one before a bunch so it should be easy)
4. Liars - Pure Unevil (I called aaron to try and get the lyrics and the alternate guitar tuning so we'll see...)
5. julee cruise - questions in a world of blue
6. chiffons - he's so fine
10. young marble giants - searching for mr. right OR final day (my favorite)
11. Wire - Mannequin OR 'used to' - my favorite (MAIN did an amazing cover of it, Here it is...)
12. Ramones - now i wanna sniff some glue
13. Tally Ho - the Clean
14. neu - negative land (accapella)
15. eno - here come the warm jets ( i wanna do this one with lockett for sure )
16. coil - anal staircase (doable? maybs.)
17. echo and the bunny men - over the wall
18. simon and garfunkly - blessed
19. quickspace - they shoot horse don't they
20. the amps - bragging party
21. madonna - like a prayer
22. ronettes - be my baby
23. beat happening - pajama party in a haunted hive
24. galaxie 500 - strange
25. spiritualized - "ladies and gentlemen we are floating in space"
26. otis redding - that's how strong my love is
27. porno for pyros - pets
28. beach boys - don't worry baby

this is going to take all weekend. i'll even make some artwork for you to download!
love you guys.


Here is a live deerhunter video from a recent show at the starlite ballroom: