Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Microremix Set One


why do we call these things Micromixes? or Microremixes? Our next album is going to be called "Microcastle" and we are experimenting with the concept of transposing all these things in this micro format. Imagine a castle with tons of rotted-out little rooms, each containing their own acoustics, etc. I refuse to record the next album in a building that does not at least look like a castle or a haunted mansion. I want to be surrounded by dust and cobwebs. I want the snares to sound haunted. I want the electronics and tubes to glow and hiss in near darkness. Yeah. I wish we could record it on Halloween but we will be in Paris and we all know the buildings there are all brand new and look like the mixed use condos they are throwing up on my city's streets. There is nothing old in the world except my spine.


This is the first in a series of remixtapes I plan on doing. I will still make micromixes as usual, but occasionally i like to fuck the songs up beyond recognition to make something new. This is a pretty simple process involving Ableton Live. I have sort of deconstructed the tracks or taken elements from them and built songs around them.

1. INTRO - Sonic Youth (from Bad Moon Rising)
2. J'TAIME - Serge Gainsbourg (Renamed here: "Selling Guns in Africa")
3. STRANGE LOVE - Darlene Love
4. I USED TO SAY I LOVE YOU - Robyn Hitchcock

ALTERNATE DOWNLOAD SITE (MEGAUPLOAD) in case mediafire link gives you problems.

I like to give these to you guys in one long set because I like to blend and overlap them a certain way but its not hard in any free downloadable audio software to slice it up into individual songs. I hope you dig this. Its how I spent my one day off before we leave for tour again tomorrow night.

Also, it goes without saying, but I love Lockett's first micromix.


P.S. Regarding Jeff Weiss, we have had some further communication and have agreed that we both misunderstood each other from the beginning. All this drama was pointless, which is why I tried to not respond to all the nasty shit going on in the comments section. Do you really think I'm going to believe Lockett would leave a nasty comment about me when he was sitting on a plane from LA next to me. That kind of stuff doesn't hurt my feelings anymore. My point is, Jeff is actually a nice guy who, like many people get the wrong idea about where we are coming from. I don't want to keep this going because I'd like to see the comments sections be full of feedback about the mixes and links to mixes of your own so I can link to them. Jeff is even tentatively set to make us a mix for the blog of older hip-hop. I'm excited to hear it. So, basically Jeff Weiss = not a dick.

A quick word, though. The main misunderstanding I think people have about me that might affect their opinion of the band (i could care less what they think of me personally) is that I am attention-hungry or am trying to create this "media persona." The fact is I am a mildly social retarded guy and I regret sometimes being quite so honest publicly about private stuff. I just always feel like its important to get things off my chest at the time. A few times in the past I have been down / depressed and done stupid things on stage or said stupid things in interviews. I don't want to shock anyone. I don't want to be a Pitchfork darling. I don't want to be some famous indie hipster. I just like having fun, and when I don't feel good I get depressed and talk too much or do stupid things I regret.

I don't plan on wearing dresses or smearing fake blood everywhere anymore. It was meant to be a kind of existential absurd humor. I never knew if indie rock hipsters where embracing me or terrified of me so I just made a big joke out of it. Now that I (and I know this is getting a little personal) stopped taking certain medications, I feel kind of bored and ashamed by that whole persona. I REALLY just want to make good music that makes me and other people who listen to it feel good. I've been too self-absorbed with my own ideas about failure and my own unrequited obsessions and stuff to realize that I'm really lucky to be able to make an EP of remixes or sound collages or whatever in my room on my computer while my friends are out drinking or whatever and post them on this blog and have people hear them, like, immediately. I think that's pretty amazing, and I'm grateful all you guys come here and look.