Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Micromix III by Atlas Sound

This one is a little more on the ambient / sleepy side:

1. arthur russell - arm around you
2. white rainbow - middle
3. zoomers - party (1982)
4. robert wyatt - born again cretin
5. swell maps - c.r.s.
6. raymond scott - sleepy time
7. smoke - chad
8. throbbing gristle - distant dreams pt. 2
9. storm & stress - forever like antioxidants (live at the eyedrum, atlanta - recorded by henry owings)



1. This is probably my favorite song by Mr. Russell.

2. My love for Adam, and his new project, White Rainbow (Myspace), will become more obvious in the coming months. I will explain later. everyone should check out his new album PRISM OF ETERNAL NOW coming out october 1st on Kranky.

3. i found out about zoomers from our buddy casey who runs a record store in brooklyn called eat records. From Hyped to Death: "Zoomers - Exist CD (Homework #204) Baton Rouge, Louisiana, 1979-1981. Stunning warped pop. Way too smart to be "outsider music," but probably too drug-addled to be anything else. Along with their phenomenally-rare 45 (which leads off Homework #103 [formerly #5]), the three of them made up a 12-song cassette as well called "Exist" Here's both (with lots more to come). This is how Zoomer's account begins: "The last thing I remember about The Zoomers was driving down the levee road on the Mississippi River in Baton Rouge, tripping my ass off on LSD in my Dad's Lincoln Continental drinking Papst Blue Ribbon beer by the 12 pack and throwing Zoomer 45s at whatever we could hit and that wasn't much, except for that rather large dog that later turned out to be a cow (it's amazing how much everything looks the same at 100 mph). But like my Mom always said it's the thought that counts, anyway at the end of a 3 day acid bender, thinking was the last thing on my mind." Find out more here.

4. this is from robert wyatt's leftist concept album "nothing can stop us" also from 1982.

5. when we had the chance to play with nikki sudden he told me all these stories about the experiments he and epic soundtracks used to do with tape machines and ambient stuff with swell maps. this has always been my favorite swell maps soundscape. he told me that epic made this using a car horn he had fucked with. This song is available on the rarieties compilation "a train out of it."

6. read about raymond scott here. this is from his 'soothing sounds for baby' series. all of which is amazing.

7. this smoke song has the saddest and best lyrics i've heard in my life, I'm transcribing them myself so there might be errors:

"Chad" by Benjamin Smoke

break down soon and ask him what did he mean by that
pour salt into the cut place a stool in the corner where i sat
if and when he gets back he always knows exactly just what to say
and i refuse to see through the crack, baby, crack
no, i tell him every-thing's o.k....
he sells his body in lieu of better wages
make no mistake that's no monkey on my back
its a girly magazine oh no hands to turn the pages
and he said get off my ass and finished smoking up my sac
oh his innocent yet smart-ass smirk and "i know you want it" eyes
its been a while since anyone has gotten this kind of rise
out me, mr. mellow, i usually just lies up in my room counting sheep and chasing flies
you said it wasn't if i win or lose, only if i tries
there's no fear but no rush on my leisurely demise
and sweet bird of youth he can tell that i fell for him hard
like so many did before
and he knows that i'd give him anything i could
"love for sale" how do you like it? baby more more
and if and when he gets back
he always knows exactly just what to say
and i refuse to see through the crack, baby, crack
no, i tell him every-thing's o.k....
he's here for sale, but its okay..

BTW: oliver, thanks for doing all the deerhunter / atlas sound wikipedias, they are rad. you should try to do a benjamin smoke wikipedia. i will try and help you track down stuff for it. i can't believe a better one doesn't exist...

8. in the van once on tour we were listening to music and i was trying to decide what the saddest songs of all time where. i came up with this one and "i'll be your mirror" as performed alone by nico from a live bootleg i have.

9. storm & stress' 'under thunder and fluorescent lights' is one of my favorite albums of all time. Ian Williams fronted it, with Eric Ehm on bass and Kevin Shea on drums. Ian was once in Don Cab who i'm not that into. Now he plays in Battles. Whenever we play with battles I always harrass Ian and try and get him to teach me all the guitar parts from the Storm & Stress records. So far he has always been too drunk to remember them. This bootleg was recorded at the eyedrum in atlanta by henry owings and features one of the most gorgeous codas i've ever heard.