Saturday, August 4, 2007

Atlas Sound - The Brian Foote EP

This is my good buddy Brian Foote. He does publicity for Kranky records. He also plays in a really sick band called nudge I talk to him everyday and enjoy his radness constantly. It is his birthday Monday! Tonight we were talking on the phone about how we've been posting all these tracks on here. He was joking about how fast I record songs. I told him I would record him an entire EP tonight from scratch. So these are all new songs that were made up as I recorded them. Except the Valet Remix. You should definitly seek out her album "Blood is Clean" available from non other than Kranky. Its amazing...

Atlas Sound - The Brian Foote EP
(recorded between 12:30am and 5:30am Saturday August 4, 2007)

1. Where I Come Home From

2. Tame All The Lions (Valet remixed by Atlas Sound)

3. How do I look?

4. Child Support