Wednesday, July 25, 2007

What We Listened 2 in the Cryptovan

People often ask us what we listen to in the van. Here is a partial list of some of the things that were on heavy rotation both on the stereo and in our Ipods.

No Age - Weirdo Rippers
Autechre - Confeld
Lil Wayne - Da Drought 3 (did i spell this correctly? moses?)
Swell Maps - Jane from Occupied Europe
Harmonia - Deluxe
Storm & Stress - Under Thunder and Fluorescent Lights
White Rainbow - Eternal Prism of Now
Serge Gainsbourg - Melody Nelson
Patton Oswold (sp?) - don't know, kristin played it. a lot.
Mitch Hedberg - same thing
The Field - From Here We Go Sublime
Liars - Liars (especially "Pure Unevil" - over and over and over)

Also if you came to one of the shows and wondered what the music was that was playing before the bands, I made some mixes.
Here are the tracklistings:

Pure UnEvil - Liars
St. Elmo's Fire - Brian Eno
Tally Ho - the Clean
My Boyfriend's Back - the Chiffons
Because You're Frightened - Magazine
On - Andrew Pekler
Boom - Lil Wayne
Telegraph - O.M.D.
Love Walked In - the Famingos
Dental Fur - Casino vs. Japan
The Little Heart Beats So Fast - The Field
Still Feels Like Tears - Broadcast
Beatown - XTC
Love Dance of the Saroos - Joe Meek
Happy Hunting Ground - Sparks
Divine Hammer - the Breeders
Forming - the Germs
He Hit Me (It Felt Like A Kiss) - The Crystals
Not Having Found - Dirty Projectors (live radio performance)
Get Out Of My Life, Woman - Q65
I Only Want To Be With You - Dusty Springfield
Every Artist Needs A Tragedy - No Age
It's The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine) - R.E.M.
Do I Love You - The Ronettes
Dressed in Black - The Shangri-Las
Tame All the Lions - Valet
Of All The Things We've Made - O.M.D.
Rocket USA - Suicide
Flat Moon Society - Quickspace
Rockers To Swallow - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
No God - Germs
Boo Hoo - Marvin Rainwater
Chinese Radiation - Pere Ubu
Darkened Car - Dirty Projectors
Strange - Galaxie 500
A Faded Picture- the Seeds
Wind-Up Toys - the Electric Prunesdelic
Düsseldorf - Pole
teenager's letter of promise - sun ra
When I'm With You - sparks
Love Comes In Spurts - Richard Hell
Candy Says - Velvet Underground
Red Roses And A Sky Of Blue - Tornados

I lost 200 dollars tonight playing online poker because Lockett bullied me into it. He did not really bully me but he was an enabler. I need help. Uhh.. what else. I got a new guitar that is cool but needs work. It's a mid-60's univox hollowbody.