Friday, July 20, 2007

played some shows with jay reatard and the ponys

so after a long weekend at pitchfork we went back out on the road with our good friends the ponys who we previously toured with in the spring. this time, jay reatard was along for the ride. Jay's album "Blood Visions" has been a personal favorite of mine this year. Every song is packed with amazing hooks. He also puts on a very fun - very short - live set and has assembled an amazing band of cool guys who have been very fun to hang with. If you get a chance go check out Jay and the Ponys as they continue their tour. Also grab Jay's "Blood Visions" and the Pony's "Turn the Lights Out" you won't be disappointed.

The first show was at Grog Shop and was kind of bleh. We got there late and missed Jay's set. In the backstage, there was a case of "Nirvana" bottled water which utilized the same font as the logo of the band. I did not drink any of it. Other than a few technical glitches it was a okay show. Afterwards we went to IHOP with Jay and his crew. Jay ordered a "V.I.P." (basically lemonade and iced tea, i call it an arnold palmer but whatever...) a t-bone steak, shrimps, funnel cakes with giant syrup-soaked strawberries, and more. I was truly scared for him. He also took muscle relaxers which allowed him to shove more food inside him. We laughed out loud numerous times.

Next up was Detroit. Detroit ruled because the venue, The Magic Stick, gives bands free unlimited bowling. Lockett and I bowl every sunday night when we are back home so this was a special treat. The next post will be dedicated to images from and the results of the "Deerhunter Bowling Challenge". Fun show, met some awesome younger kids who brought me a dress which I wore for the last song. They also told me about their website which provides the argument that Danny Glover is a satanic agent.

Toronto was next and was 99% fun, except I repated the same Whiskey shots / ativan combo that made me ramble endlessly at the bowery. At least I didnt talk so much this time. Less talk more rock. That's what the kids say they want. Which basically negates this blog, I guess.. at any rate, remind me to tell you sometime how much I fucking HATE GIRL GROUPIES. Please stay the fuck away. I only can speak for myself but you can bet your ass that your not coming backstage and drinking our beers and trying to makeout with my bandmates. If they want to make out with you they can (but probably wont if you are a CUNT) take you somewhere far far away from my frame of vision. Call my an asshole, I like my space. I am only a hedonist in false reality. In the reality we share I am almost prudeish. So this obnoxious drunk girl who came to see us last time we played at the horseshoe tavern showed up again this time at lee's palace. She interupted the show by coming up to the stage and apologizing for the last time I saw her, where she came backstage uninvited after we played a destructo set and killed my vibe by getting up in my face like "what is wrong with you...", "are you dying..." "let me get you a burrito or something..." and on and on while friends nearby failed to react or defend me and my personal space in any way,. This time after our show she and another girl, this kind of tragic hippie, managed to weasel their way backstage to further bug the shit out of me. They tried to make out with Lockett who just chastised them for thirty minutes about her fucking with me the last time. Lockett is my bro. Then they called Jay Reatard a prude because he didnt want to fuck their skank asses. I eventually had security remove them. Don't fuck with me. I like nice people. I should also add that I am not into gayboy groupies either. just because i have obvious homosexual tendancies does not mean I want to be promiscuous. Like I said, I am a 25 year old virgin. That's by choice. Besides, like I also said earlier, I am on Lexapro and have not been able to come in over a month... which brings us here to Montreal...

Montreal is always fun. I got to see Mark Sultan (a.k.a.) BBQ who's song "Unicorn Rainbow Fantasy" I covered. You can download it at pitchfork. I highly recommend you check out his album "The Sultanic Verses" on In The Red Records.
We also got to see all the montreal kids we love like erin, andre from blue skies turn black and AIDS wolf, and our new friend Sarah, whose loft I type this in now as a club blasts house music through the walls. I was really tired tonight. Jay Tore it up last night after the Lee's Palace show at a secret afterparty at a skateshop. I was in the van passed out from ativan and whiskey but the show was supposedly so off the chain that Little Lockett Pundt Slamdanced. Point is: today I have been hungover and depresed and moody. The show was fun but as soon as I got the chance me and Lockett came back to Sarah's loft. I took a shower and tried unsuccesfully to whack off for at least 30 - 45 minutes with no luck. I don't remember at this point what its like to cum. too much information? probably. Just venting my frustration. Who else is on Lexapro and can't cum?