Saturday, July 7, 2007

Little Ricky Caught Whacking It. (+more music lists)

(for some reason the soundtrack for the above clip reminds me of animal collective.)

Five Recent Favorite Listens:

1. Laserlight Digital's 5 CD Box Set: "Symphonies of the Planets - Nasa Voyager Recordings" - this basically just sounds like a sound effects cd in a library called "space sounds" but has these weird and oddlly affecting synth pads that kind of glide across the surface making you feel totally isolated and a little sad. I have been staying up till 8 or 9 in the morning trying to sleep and listening to this while the sunrise is just starting to come through the window is pretty unsettling.

2. Stereolab - Cobra and Phases play Voltage in the Milky Night - probably my favorite Stereolab record and I just recently started obsessing over it again. I really like how sprawling and textured it is. Blue Milk is possibly my second favorite song of all time second only to "Here Come the Warm Jets" by Brian Eno. "Come and Play in the Milky Night" is a close third.

3. "Pure Unevil" by the Liars, from the forthcoming album "Liars" - this song is a prime example of why I think Liars are one of the most important bands around right now. This song is going to age well on cd-rs passed between high school couples who rediscover it when they find it stashed away when they are moving out to go to college. It sounds pre-aged. Pre-loaded with bittersweet nostaglia.

4. Animal Collective - Strawberry Jam - I honestly expected to hate this. And then I heard the first few songs and I was like, I hate this. They, however grew on me, along with the rest of the album. I now think its really good. Nic did an amazing job mixing it. The sounds are really defined which is kind of a new thing for them I think. They write really creative and interesting pop songs. I hear they hate me though because they are friends with Samara. Me and my mouth.

5. Lil Wayne - "Boom" off "Da Drought 3" - I was Trying to sleep on the way to the Smashing Pumpkins shows we played (or attempted to play) and Moses and Kristin were up front blasting this shit and it invaded my dreams and now i feel like this guy is from outerspace and is really rad,

more tomorrow,