Sunday, July 29, 2007

Insomnia Post: More Ephemera & Another New Song, "Stoned"

Found on the ground at the Marietta Square when I was 12. I have kept it since for no reason other than it appeals to me.

If I remember correctly, this show never actually happened.

Unused LP cover for either Deerhunter or Atlas Sound, I can't remember. I ended up using the background for the first black lips album cover.

This was our first show. Moses played bass with a pair of scissors.

Portrait I took of Cole from Black Lips way back when

Notown Xerox Machine Art Threat

Lockett's seventh grade yearbook photo, later used on the cover of the Fluorescent Grey EP

The Wet Dreams was a band I had with my friends Alix and Julie a long ass time ago. I played drums. Die Slaughterhaus is putting out a postmortem 7" of the stuff we did sometime soon. I'll post an MP3 here at some point.

When I Attempted to use the Alanis Morisette Lyric Generator on our first LP

Lastly, here is a song I recorded when I was staying at Karen's house for a week earlier this summer. She had girl's night out watching some basketball game so I stayed in and made this. She has an amazing electric piano that was a gift from K.K. Barrett of the Screamers. That is the source of the main sound, sampled and collaged. There is also some treated harp and feedback. The title is pretty self-explanatory.

Atlas Sound - Stoned.mp3